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NAMA is a local Museum that offers innovative and creative art exhibits, collections, meals/shows, education, research, language and development. It aims to become a national and international Native American Museum. NAMA has an excellent collection of art and sculpture and is located in extremely high traffic locations. With millions of visitors who travfel to Niagara Falls and the Niagara Falls Seneca Casino and thousands of customers and visitors to Smokin Joes® Tuscarora, NAMA has been in operation for five years to high praise.


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Mission Statement

NAMA plays a role in Native American cultural revitalization and Niagara Falls history through the permanent public installation of monumental Native American sculpture in key historic and cultural location.

Our Goals:

To develop, regularly update and maintain NAMA exhibits, and to develop traveling exhibits.

To maintain and protect the permanent collection of Native American Sculpture, arts and artifacts.

To promote and educate visitors, members and community through its' exhibits, demonstrations publications and public outreach.

To develop and stage as apart of its core business a Native American Meal and Show for visitors, tourists, conferences and particularly students.

To undertake research and studies on Native American art, culture and language.

To promote Native American language through programs, outreach and education

To support the development of Native American culture, arts, and education

To publish educational and cultural materials such as, curriculum materials, calendars, postcards, catalogs and books (Joseph Jacobs and his art).

To maintain virtual NAMA museum and gift shop online.



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Simon Brascoupe
Karen Hodge Russell
Joseph Jacobs

Foundation Members



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