School Curriculum

Schools are welcome to use our free curriculum materials and activites which are designed to meet New York State curriculum for various grades.

The curriculum will assist you in perparing your class for this exciting opportunity-to utilize the curriculum as a learning opportunity when visiting and for follow-up when returning to your classroom.

We welcome your suggestions for new curriculum material ideas and to improve our existing materials available online. We are also interested in your impression of your visit and welcome your students' comments.

Nyaweh (Thank you, Tuscarora)
Karen Hodge Russell, Education Director


K-Grade 4 Introduction to the Iroquios; six nations, origins, geography and games Games, corn husk dolls
Grades 5-6 Iroquios of New York State; longhouse (model is a NYS requirement), Six Nations of the Confederacy, wampum, beadwork and symbols, geography, clothing and material culture Games; introduction to longhouse construction;
Grades 7-8 Iroquios society and identity: social structure, marriage, gender roles, contributions to women's movement and society Making Iroquois hair comb, beading, and understanding Iroquois symbols
Grades 9-12 Iroquios spirituality, ecology and contributions. Iroquios spirituality today, the first environmentalists and contributions in food, technology and thought Understanding the spiritual nature of Iroquois bowl games.
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